A Non-exhaustive List of Reasons Joe Lombardo Is Wrong for Nevada

The brutal, expensive Republican primary for governor is coming to an end today and over the last year, one thing has become clear: Joe Lombardo is a failed, corrupt sheriff who doesn’t have the experience, plans, or temperament to lead Nevada.

Joe Lombardo would be a disaster in the Governor’s office. Here’s why:

Crime is on the rise under his failed leadership. While Lombardo has been on the campaign trail asking for a promotion for the last year, crime rates in Clark County–from property crime to homicide–have skyrocketed. 2021 was the deadliest year in the last five and 2022 is on pace to be just as deadly. 

He’s corrupt. As the head of LVMPD, Lombardo has offered Nevadans zero transparency and put his own personal gain ahead of everything else–including the truth.

  • Lombardo is cozying up to the biggest proponents of the Big Lie–which led to the death of multiple police officers–just to pander to the conservative base and win an election.
  • Lombardo allowed alleged abuser Kevin McMahill to climb the ranks of Metro. Now, McMahill is Lombardo’s pick to be the next top cop of Clark County.
  • Despite leading the public to believe he was ending Metro’s partnership with ICE in 2019, Lombardo ordered his officers the very next day to continue coordinating with ICE and keep it off the books. He still refuses to respond to requests for comment.
  • Lombardo has dragged Metro into expensive litigation–with taxpayers footing the bill–just to keep information from the public. 
  • Flouting the law even though he’s responsible for enforcing it, Lombardo has used government resources to advance his political career. He’ll be under investigation by the Ethics Commission until May 2023.

He has zero plans. A year into his campaign, Lombardo has yet to provide plans on the issues that matter to Nevadans.

  • Lombardo has referred to Governor Sisolak’s expansion of health care as “bullshit”, but his plan to expand access to care? *crickets* 
  • He’s opposed to Governor Sisolak’s $500 million investment in affordable housing but hasn’t offered any other solutions to the current housing crisis. 
  • In the wake of mass shootings across the country, Lombardo is out of touch when it comes to guns. Rather than trying to keep Nevadans safe from gun violence, Lombardo is pandering to his base and offering no solutions to keep firearms away from those who shouldn’t have them.

He lacks the temperament. From his visible frustration in interviews to his arrogance and temper at the one debate he participated in, we can’t even imagine how Lombardo would handle the pressure and scrutiny that comes with leading Nevada’s highest office.