Your Daily Reminder: Real Estate Billionaire is Bankrolling Lombardo’s Candidacy

Robert Bigelow has been throwing millions into Joe Lombardo’s campaign and PACs all year but now his investment has reached over $25 million, an unprecedented amount for Nevada candidates. Nearly half of that has gone through the Republican Governors Association–the organization spending the most on the airwaves on behalf of Lombardo.

It couldn’t be more obvious why Lombardo doesn’t have a plan to lower housing costs – his biggest backer is a billionaire real estate mogul who evicted families during the pandemic despite an eviction moratorium.

“Joe Lombardo is so desperate to win that he’s welcoming a billionaire who preys on vulnerable families to prop up his entire candidacy,” said Nevada Democratic Victory spokesperson Mallory Payne. “One thing will never change with Joe Lombardo – he always puts political gain ahead of Nevadans.”