What You Should Know Before the #NVGov Debate: Lombardo Is Peddling the Big Lie for Political Gain

Another day, another thing you should know about Joe Lombardo before the first #nvgov debate. You already know about his out-of-touch education “plans” and his habit of taking both sides on critical economic issues.

On Day 3, you should know that Lombardo, the sitting sheriff of Nevada’s largest county, is peddling election conspiracies that led to a violent insurrection and the death of officers.

Lombardo has “peppered” his campaign with doubts about the 2020 election, telling his supporters during the primary that he didn’t think there was integrity or consensus.

In the general election, he changed his tune and said his own primary election was “performed admirably,” while still making election integrity a top priority in a nod to the conservative base. 

Lombardo is also sharing the ticket with election deniers and has refused to denounce their claims. And don’t forget he shared a stage with Trump as he called the 2020 election rigged.

It’s almost as if Lombardo will do or say anything to win…