The Consequences of Adam Laxalt’s Big Lie

After spreading the Big Lie and sowing doubt about Nevada’s election process throughout his campaign, Nevadans are now suffering the consequences of Adam Laxalt’s conspiracy theories. New reporting from the AP highlights the inefficient process for hand counting ballots adopted by Nye County this year. Will Laxalt be held accountable for contributing to this chaotic and unnecessary new process that is the result of conspiracy theories?

The “face of” the Big Lie in Nevada, Laxalt started raising doubts about the 2022 election just weeks after he announced his campaign for Senate. The New York Times later reported he was “laying detailed groundwork” for lawsuits to contest the election months before a single ballot was cast. 

Laxalt was the co-chair of Trump’s 2020 campaign and orchestrated failed lawsuit after failed lawsuit to stop a peaceful transfer of power. He has centered his campaign around his allegiance to Trump and old lies about the 2020 election and employs an insurrectionist as a senior campaign operative.

Statement from Nevada Democratic Victory Spokesperson Olivia Davis: 

“The consequences of Adam Laxalt’s spread of the Big Lie are taking effect in Nye County, causing chaos during a critical time for our democracy. But Laxalt is only out to gain power for himself and does not care about the effects of his lies.”