Pres. Obama Calls Out Republicans, Fires Up Democrats in Las Vegas

Last night, President Barack Obama visited Las Vegas for a Get Out the Early Vote Rally with Nevada Democratic candidates to encourage voters to cast their ballots in the upcoming election. Nevadans can in-person early vote now through Friday, November 4th, return their ballot at any early vote location or drop it in the mail – no stamp required, or vote in-person on Election Day. Nevadans can make a plan today at

LAS VEGAS SUN: ‘Progress over chaos’: Obama, Dems stress getting out to vote in North Las Vegas rally

Rally attendee John Reece said ahead of the event that the future of democracy was at stake, because of candidates like Marchant. The 47-year-old Reece recently moved to Las Vegas from Texas, and said his voter registration card came in the mail on Monday. “What’s at stake is our democracy itself,” Reece said. “That’s what’s at stake. None of the issues, none of them matter. Because if we don’t have a democracy, if we don’t have a country, if we don’t have a constitution, we don’t anything else. You can’t build a house if you don’t have a secure foundation.”

NEVADA INDEPENDENT: Obama rallies in Las Vegas to boost Democrats in final early vote push: ‘Democracy is at stake’

He also repeatedly derided Republican candidates as “not interested in actually solving problems,” but rather “in making you angry and finding somebody to blame,” and joked about Republican economic policies focused on tax and spending cuts. “Because that’s their answer to everything,” Obama said. “I’m not joking. Literally, it does not matter what’s going on. When inflation is low and unemployment is high? They want tax cuts. When it’s the reverse? Tax cuts … if there was an asteroid headed towards Earth right now, they’d all get in the room, they’d say, ‘You know what you need, we’ve got to cut taxes for the wealthy.”

RENO GAZETTE JOURNAL: Obama, in message to Nevada before Election Day, warns ‘democracy is on the ballot’

“Tuning out is not an option. Moping and feeling cynical is not an option,” [Obama] said, adding that “the only way to save democracy is if we, together, vote for it.” Obama blasted both Laxalt and Jim Marchant, the Republican candidate for secretary of state, for their shared loyalty to Trump’s “Big Lie” campaign. He called out Lombardo for his changing opinions on a wide range of issues, including abortion rights and whether there was widespread election fraud in 2020. “Nevada,” Obama said, “you don’t need a governor who goes whichever way the wind blows.”

KLAS 8 NEWS NOW: Former President Obama campaigns for Nevada Democrats in Las Vegas

It was a packed house full of voters who were there to see the former president who marked Las Vegas as one of his key stops around the country to encourage early voting. “This election requires every one of us to do our part,” Obama said. Both Obama and Sisolak touched on one of the biggest issues at the center of the political spectrum: women’s reproductive rights. “My opponent is as extreme as it gets, wants to ban abortion, wants to ban contraceptives,” Sisolak said.

NEW YORK TIMES: Obama is making the case for Nevada’s Democrats in the final stretch.

Former President Barack Obama delivered a forceful closing argument Tuesday night for Nevada’s two leading Democratic candidates in the midterm elections, who are both facing tough challenges, and ridiculed Republicans for their fealty to Donald J. Trump and his enduring false claims of widespread voter fraud.