NEW REPORT: Lombardo Under Investigation for Violating State Law

From day one of his campaign, Joe Lombardo abused his role as sheriff for political gain and left Clark County residents to bear the brunt of his neglect. Now, he is finally facing accountability as he became the subject of an investigation by the Nevada Commission on Ethics. According to the complaint filed with the Commission, he is in violation of NRS 281A.400(7), which states an officer shouldn’t use government property, including badges and uniforms, for personal gain.

Lombardo’s campaign materials are filled with government resources, from his uniform to his badge, despite the Commission informing the Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association that it defies state law. Despite being responsible for upholding the law, Lombardo–in a blatant disregard for state law and clear abuse of power–violated it anyway. 

“Joe Lombardo’s campaign was built on lies and corruption and he’s worked relentlessly to avoid accountability by staying silent on the issues, refusing interviews, and dodging public events,” said Nevada Democratic Victory spokesperson Mallory Payne. “That Lombardo–who has made the entire crux of his campaign based on his title as Clark County Sheriff–is now under investigation for violating state law tells Nevadans everything they need to know about his politically motivated priorities.”

See highlights from the complaint filed to the Commission below.

“Despite serving as the chief law enforcement officer of Clark County, Nevada, Sheriff Lombardo has repeatedly violated state law by using official government resources to promote his candidacy for governor. Sheriff Lombardo’s actions clearly violate the law: the Nevada Commission on Ethics has previously considered identical conduct by other state officials, and found it to be in violation of the law.”

“Far from being isolated or one-off incidents, Sheriff Lombardo’s repeated violations constitute a pattern of flouting the law in pursuit of his own personal advancement.”

“Public office is a public trust to be held for the sole benefit of the people. This responsibility is all the more crucial where the office at issue is of the sheriff, who is entrusted with upholding the law. But rather than upholding the law and the integrity of his office, Sheriff Lombardo has flagrantly violated the law and exploited government resources for his own personal gain to advance his political campaign.”