Lombardo Launches… Again

Third time is normally the charm but it seems even that isn’t enough to get this Failure to Launch candidate off the ground. After two months of failing to answer the basic question of why he’s running, Lombardo has left Nevada voters with more questions than answers. His lackluster entrance into this race didn’t go unnoticed by his rivals, either. Rather than clearing the field by announcing his announcement back in April, he instead, invited more competition

Lombardo’s third launch comes following a report released from his own department detailing a rise in the use of police force and that a majority of those use of force incidents are made against minorities. And while he begins a statewide tour to court Nevada’s far-right base, crime in Clark County–specifically homicides–has been on the rise for more than a year.

“Joe Lombardo started off his campaign with a whimper and his weaknesses have already been noticed by several fellow Republicans looking to challenge him for the nomination,” said Nevada Democratic Victory spokesperson Molly Forgey. “He’s already received hits from his opponents from being labeled a ‘dirty cop’ to being called out for his ineffective leadership as sheriff. If there’s one thing Lombardo’s launches have guaranteed it’s that this will be a nasty, year-long fight for Republicans.”