Lombardo Has Tried to Have it Both Ways On Every Abortion Position He’s Ever Taken

You can add “Repeal Governor Sisolak’s executive order” to the list…

Joe Lombardo has walked back yet another abortion position—in other words, it’s just another day in the #nvgov race. After telling KRNV last week he would overturn Gov. Sisolak’s executive order expanding abortion protections, Lombardo suddenly isn’t so sure anymore…

AP: Nevada gov vows to codify order protecting patients into law

Republican gubernatorial nominee Joe Lombardo, an anti-abortion candidate, indicated that he may overturn Sisolak’s executive order but has declined to take a hard position.

“I’d have to evaluate it, and I’d look at it from the lens of being a pro-life governor,” he said in an emailed statement on Wednesday. He previously told local television station KRNV that he would overturn it.

Lombardo has already flip-flopped twice on his stance on Nevada statute protecting abortion for up to 24 weeks. (Watch this video, you won’t regret it.)

And this comes after he walked back his support for a contraception ban. As Lombardo plays politics with Nevadans’ health care, he continues to get tripped up by basic questions, proving he doesn’t respect Nevadans enough to give them straight answers. 

“Joe Lombardo wants to have it both ways on every single position he’s taken on abortion–from banning contraception to overturning abortion protections in Nevada statue,” said Nevada Democratic Victory spokesperson Mallory Payne. “If we know one thing about Joe Lombardo, it’s that Nevadans can’t trust him.”