Lombardo Blasted by Conservative Media for Dodging First #NVGov Primary Debate

Dan Mason on KOH: “You may have already blown it up here in the north, pal.”

If being crowned “No Show Joe” by his opponents wasn’t bad enough, Joe Lombardo is also getting blasted by conservative media for skipping last week’s debate…and his absence wasn’t met with minced words. Conservative radio host and debate moderator Dan Mason accused No Show Joe of “not bother[ing] to show up because he thinks this is already in the bag.” After noting the audience’s positive reaction to the No Show Joe cardboard cutout, Mason made it clear that Lombardo may have lost his chance to win over voters in northern Nevada.


Dan Mason: “We had…What did we have? Eight, eight or nine on the stage last night. There was one conspicuous absence. And folks down south in Vegas for some bizarre reason think Joe Lombardo was the front runner in this. Well, maybe that’s why he didn’t bother to show up because he thinks this is already in the bag. You know, the funniest part of the evening, I think, was candidate Michele Fiore, who brought a life size cardboard cutout of Joe Lombardo with the words stenciled onto it, “No Show Joe.” That got a very favorable reaction from the crowd, as it should. So it was disappointing. And supposedly, the reason is, Lombardo doesn’t think he ought to do, you know, anything until after the filing deadline. Okay, that’s fine. You may have already blown it up here in the north, pal. But you know, good luck to you. We’ll see how that shakes out at some point down the road.”

“Clearly we aren’t the only ones who are unimpressed with Joe Lombardo’s hiding and political games,” said Nevada Democratic Victory spokesperson Mallory Payne. “Lombardo’s refusal to face Nevadans and answer for his atrocious record is even alienating conservatives at this point. While his opponents are falling over themselves to appeal to the far-right base, Lombardo is throwing away his shot with Republican primary voters.”


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