As Lombardo Asks for Promotion, Metro Closes Out 2021 with Steep Rise in Murders

KLAS: “With 147 homicides in 2021, Metro police worked on 44% more murder cases this year than they did in 2020.”

For a year, Clark County residents have watched crime rise across the valley as Sheriff Lombardo abandoned his duty to run for higher office. As he hit the campaign trail pledging to “keep Nevada safe,” Metro wrapped up 2021 with a 44% increase in homicides–18% of which involved gang members–and a 10% rise in property crime.

While Lombardo’s campaign is touting his role as sheriff as a qualification for governor, his opponents are using the rise in crime against him, putting a spotlight on the dramatic increase in crime in Las Vegas during their first primary debate last week.

“Crime is ravaging Clark County and Joe Lombardo is nowhere to be found,” said Nevada Democratic Victory spokesperson Mallory Payne. “Lombardo continues to campaign on ‘keeping Nevada safe,’ but his record proves he’s anything but capable. If he hasn’t kept Clark County safe as sheriff, why should Nevadans believe he’ll keep them safe as governor?”


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