Amid Rise in Violent Crime, Lombardo Abandons Clark County Residents to Campaign in Northern Nevada

Well, it didn’t take long for Joe Lombardo to break his first promise as candidate for governor. Just days after reassuring southern Nevadans he would be “100 percent” attentive to his job as sheriff amid a steep rise in violent crime across the valley, Lombardo is abandoning Las Vegas residents to kick off his campaign’s northern Nevada tour. 

For the past year, violent crime–from homicide to domestic violence–has been on the rise. Despite admitting to the rise in violent crime, Lombardo insists he’s the law and order candidate who can fix the issue.

Adding to that, earlier this month, Las Vegas Metro Police Department released a report detailing a rise in police force, specifically that a majority of incidents of force were used against minorities. 

“Joe Lombardo’s response to the steep rise in crime under his watch is to abandon southern Nevada families,” said Nevada Democratic Victory spokesperson Molly Forgey. “Only days after reassuring Clark County residents he was committed to being their sheriff and insisting he is the ‘Law and Order’ candidate, Lombardo launched his campaign for governor and immediately boarded a flight out of Las Vegas. If Lombardo can’t be trusted to do his job as Clark County sheriff, how does he expect Nevadans to trust he can handle the job of governor?”