Adam Laxalt, Trumpism and the Big Lie: An (updated) chronology (via Nevada Current)

In Case You Missed It, as Trump’s top lackey in Nevada, Adam Laxalt has a long record of pushing the Big Lie and even promised to overturn the 2022 election if the results don’t go his way. 

An updated story from the Nevada Current chronicles this history, making it clear Laxalt will break the rules to gain power. 

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Nevada Current: Adam Laxalt, Trumpism and the Big Lie: An (updated) chronology

April Corbin Girnus // 10.19.22


24 Jan. 2022 – Laxalt endorses Jim Marchant in the secretary of state race. It’s a stark contrast to prominent Republicans and conservative outlets who would later endorse Democratic candidate Cisco Aguilar due to Marchant’s extreme positions and election denialism.

February 2022 – Laxalt tells The Associated Press in a statement that he believes “very few” people broke laws on Jan. 6 and accuses Democrats and the media of exaggerating the event. (More than 850 people have been charged with a crime.)

4 Feb. 2022 – At a campaign event in Southern Nevada, Laxalt doesn’t say the 2020 election was rigged but says Nevada Democrats “fundamentally altered” election laws 80 days before the election in order to “give Biden a better chance.” This more measured message will continue throughout his campaign, at least at larger, well publicized events.

March 2022 – Laxalt is recorded telling supporters he is vetting election observer teams and mapping out a litigation strategy.

10 June 2022 – At a Laxalt campaign event in Carson City, Donald Trump Jr. tells a crowd that Laxalt “answered the call” – referring to his dad’s attempts to overturn election results in Nevada. “That kind of loyalty and understanding – that’s what I think we need more of in Washington, D.C.,” continued Trump Jr.

14 June 2022 – Laxalt wins the Republican U.S. Senate primary, defeating Sam Brown, with 55.7% of votes.

July 2022 – Laxalt’s campaign announces it has hired Courtney Holland, a Nevada activist who was photographed with members of the far-right extremist group the Oath Keepers on Jan. 6. Some of those people were charged with crimes related to the insurrection. Holland herself was not charged with anything, but has downplayed the insurrection and maintained that the 2020 election was rigged.

September 2022 – Laxalt refuses to respond to a KTVN questionnaire asking if he will accept the results of the election.

October 2022 – Laxalt refuses to respond to a Las Vegas Sun questionnaire asking whether candidates would accept the results of the midterm election.

6 Oct. 2022 – Cortez Masto holds a campaign event calling out Laxalt for his role in instigating the Jan. 6 insurrection. Laxalt does not publicly respond.

8 Oct. 2022 – Trump visits Minden in support of Laxalt and other Republican candidates. Laxalt doesn’t repeat election lies but called Trump a “true champion for the people of Nevada.” Trump makes light of the insurrection, saying: “You know the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen? January 6.”