A Week After the Primary, Lombardo Still Hasn’t Unified the Party

It’s been a week since the #nvgov primary election but unfortunately for Joe Lombardo, the circus hasn’t quite wrapped up. Joey Gilbert still refuses to concede and is threatening lawsuits over the election results. Lombardo is failing to unify Republican voters and must reconcile the fact that he’s questioned the integrity of our elections–except when he’s the victor. 

Lombardo struggled to coalesce the base for the last year, losing every public county party straw poll, losing the endorsement of the Republican Party, getting booed by GOP voters the weekend before the election, failing to receive even 40% of Republican voters’ support, and coming in third place in a majority of Nevada’s reddest counties. 

“Joe Lombardo is a weak candidate who came out of the primary with an overwhelming majority of Republicans rejecting him,” said Nevada Democratic Victory spokesperson Mallory Payne. “As his primary opponents refuse to accept the results of the election and threaten litigation, he’s facing the consequences of peddling the Big Lie while failing to get his party behind him. Lombardo’s going to need a lot more than the support of his party if he wants to win in November but he can’t even get that.”


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