17 Months Later, Lombardo Still Trying to Have It Both Ways

We’re one day out from the midterm election and Joe Lombardo is still trying to have it both ways on every issue. 

After mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for Metro new hires as sheriff but campaigning against vaccine mandates as a candidate for governor, here’s what Lombardo had to say on conservative radio just days before the election:

“I’ve always said this from the beginning: the difference between my response and the Democratic position and the current governor is educate versus mandate. And, you know, educate, make people make informed decisions on their own. They’re all adults, they can take the chance, whether they want to or not…”

Meanwhile, his contradictory abortion stances were put on blast once again.

The Nevada Independent: What Sisolak or Lombardo could (or couldn’t) do on abortion as governor

  • Asked by a primary debate moderator in June whether he would support restrictions around abortion access, such as parental notification laws, mandatory waiting periods and reducing access to Plan B pills, Lombardo said, “yes, absolutely”…Later, his campaign spokesperson told the Nevada Current that he has “no plans to restrict or limit access to Plan B or any type of contraception in the state of Nevada…”
  • But Lombardo later walked back his stance on a 13-week abortion ban during the only debate between him and Sisolak in October…

As a reminder, Lombardo has taken both sides on every issue in the last two years – the Big Lie, taxes, defund the police, immigration, and vaccines, to name a few.